Our Process

  1. After deciding on one of our standard designs, we will discuss with you any minor changes you would like to make so you are completely happy with your choice. Once finalised, we will provide you with a detailed proposal including specifications and plans.
  2. If Planning Approval is required, we can provide you with the information needed by your local Council for you to obtain or we can put you in touch with a Town Planner to assist you in obtaining Planning Approval.
  3. Once planning approval is received and you accept our proposal and wish to proceed, the next step is to pay a 5% deposit, we then book you in for your colour selections where you will meet with our colour consultant to choose your colours. Once your colours and any upgrades have been finalised we will then prepare a Standard MBAV (or MBANSW) Domestic Building Contract, invite you to our office to explain and sign your Contract. YMH will then apply for a Building Permit.
  4. Once the building permit has been issued by Council or Private Building Certifier, construction on your new home or villa will be scheduled to start at our modern manufacturing facility in Mulwala. Construction generally takes between 10-16 weeks depending on the size and design. YMH staff will regularly keep you updated on the progress and you are welcome to book a time to visit our facility during the build phase, however we can also provide you the YMH Blog ‘login’ details for you to follow your building’s progress online.
    During construction, our team will attend your site to prepare the footings and liaise with your on-site plumber and electrician for service connections to coincide with delivery.
  5. In the last 2 – 4 weeks we add the finishing touches such as baseboards and additional verandahs or carports you may have chosen. Together, we will make a final inspection to ensure that all the details are complete and to your satisfaction.
  6. The certifying Building Surveyor will make their final inspection and issue YMH an Occupancy Certificate. Once issued, we handover your keys so you can move in and enjoy your new home or villa!

With a dedicated interior designer on the YMH team to assist our customers with selecting colour schemes, fixtures and fittings, the end result and finish is assured and a part of the service from YMH.

Note: For custom dwelling designs we welcome your enquiry however a decision to assist would be very much dependent upon our current workflow. Alternatively, we would recommend a local Building Designer to assist you in developing your custom design for YMH to then provide a proposal to build.